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Changing Log location in Openfire

I am trying to move the Openfire Error, Warn, Info and Debug logs to a location under /var/log (i.e. /var/log/openfire) but I am having little success.

I found the variable OPENFIRE_LOGDIR in the file /etc/sysconfig/openfire and I changed the system property ‘log.directory’ but this has had little effect. There seems to be a startup startup log (nohup.out) which is created, the the Error, Warn, Info and Debug logs still do not log to the new location.

I am thinking about deleting the OPENFIRE_HOME/log directory and creating a symbolic link to my directory of choice. But I would rather use a more standard solution.

Any ideas?



Got the solution from another thread.

Modify the ${openfireHome}/lib/log4j.xml


One little problem, the Log Viewer in the Admin console seems to be hard coded to the $OPENFIRE_HOME/logs location.

So I am just going to run with creating a symbolic link:

rm -r /opt/openfire/logs

ln -s /var/log/openfire /opt/openfire/logs