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Changing name,domain,etc

…and some other questions


We decided to install and use Openfire server in our company.

We install server on Windows - without AD.

Current openfire 3.7.1 configuration:

  1. hostname: wintest

  2. IP:

  3. server name:

  4. xmpp.domain:

  5. user’s JID: username@

All clients Spark 2.6.3 configuration:

username: username


Now, of course everything works fine. Only in local network.

What is our goal?

We want to allow connect clients from “the world” when i enter: jabber.domain.pl in Spark client as servername.

Our external IP is i.e.

We configure our DNS:


jabber.domain.pl. 172800 IN A

and we redirect port 5222 to

If I enter in Spark new name of server: jabber.domain.pl it doesn’t work - and it’s ok

I try to change servername to: jabber.domain.pl in Openfire configuration, restart server, but it doesn’t work.

  1. What we should do in server configuration and rosters?

  2. How to backup and restore user groups?

  3. How to backup all server, databases and configuration? Copy all “openfire” directory is enough?