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Changing password

hi i’'ve been trying to change the password of users on a localhost machine, everytime i try to do it it is giving back an error 406,

I think i’'m implementing it correctly but is there any specified way to change a password that allways works,

A 406 error code means that the request is not_acceptable. The server could answer that error code if some information was required and was not provided or it could be that an unregistered entity attempted to register too many times before authenticating or that an entity attempted to register a second identity after successfully completing the registration use case.

In any case I think that you should contact the server developers to get more precise information about which is your case.


– Gato

Thanks Got it sorted, it just wasn’'t recognising the User that was logged on,

Also i have a question regarding the connections, Is there a way to keep the connection open, I’‘m fairly new to network programming and don’‘t really understand how to keep the connections open, what i’'m doing at the moment is opening and closing the connection for every function that i commit.

Also when i retreive the buddy list it is in the format of name, jid, group, how , would you go about retreiving the specific info, lets say jsut the name, i’'ve seen the class rosterentry alright but it seems to show errors when i try and use it in a loop,

It works perfectly when i hard code the jid in to it.

How coude i retreive just the names of the entire roster.



Hey Bob,

You shouldn’‘t be opening and closing the connection after each function. You will have lots of problem if you do that which I guess it’'s the reason for your problems. So try keeping the connection opened until the user logs off. Read the Smack documents to learn how to use the roster. You may also want to look at the test cases code to get some running examples.


– Gato

Thanks a million.

I’'ll have a look at that an d get back to you.