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Changing registration info from client

I’'m looking for a way to change registration info from the client (using standard XMPP ideally). More specifically I need a way for users to correct/update their name and email address (without going through admin) in a way that updated information can be used to find the user through XMPP search.

I don’'t see a direct way of doing it. I attempted setting the information through vCard but it appears to be independent from registration and not used for searching. Is there a way to link vCard fields and registration on the openfire server?

I feel what I’'m trying to do is such basic user management functionality that I must be missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance.


there is currently no link between the vCard and the data which is used for searching. So one can usually search only for the username. As far as I know only early Wildfire versions did map the vCard into (searchable) database fields but this does of course not help much.


I was looking at search plugin that lets users search using name and email address what uses registration info, I think.

But even leaving searching aside, registration name and email is displayed/managed in the admin. This does not reflect vCard info.

I guess one thing I was looking for is confirmation (or rather repudiation ) that registration info could not be changed by the user directly.

As far as keeping vCard and registration info in sync, it sounds like a job for a plugin.