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Changing Server Name

Our Wildfire 2.4.4 is running fine on a Red Hat Linux Enterprise but I need to change the server name, i.e. the jabber domain, to match the new network naming rules. I think to replace the Server Name field at the Administrator’s interface and the serverURL tag at the XML configuration document (we use PostgreSQL DB) but I’m affraid of the server do not run anymore and then will be impossible to set it up again, once the Adminstrator’s interface won’t be available.

Is my first idea correct and the name changing will run ok or not? How one can change the server name on a Wildfire server?

I did the same thing back in 2.1.4 a loooong time ago, and it worked fine. Good luck!

Hi Luiz,

I’m just curious… The Wildfire you’re using is really old. What stops you from upgrading to the latest Openfire version? A number of people has successfully done so as in Upgrading from Wildfire 3.0.1.

It’s a long story. The server was installed a looong time ago but until recently it did not be used, once people could use MSN and other public chat IM services. Now we have more restrictive web access policies, the IM service must be interna and we have about 800 symultaneous users.

A new installation of the OpenFire last version may be the best option.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Luiz,

the server name is stored in the database, in JIVE_PROPERTY or JIVE_PROPERTIES as far as I know. So you want to look for this table and edit the xmpp.domain value to the old one.

If you want to change the server name you should do this in the database, and for all users, chat histories etc … if you look at the tables you will notice that the name is used in many places. Changing the server name in the UI will only change the xmpp.domain value and so it’s a bad idea if you have already users.