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Changing the java license terms

Hello, with the change in terms of the java license, what is the use of openfire under the new terms?
Can we continue using it normally or will it need to be adjusted?

The lack of lawyers on our team precludes a simple answer at this time. The usage of Openfire should not change, we just likely will get out of the business of distributing a JRE with the openfire download. It will be up to the end user which JRE they are permitted to use.

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To add. Currently Openfire (4.3.2) is bundled with an older Java 8 version (1.8.0_202), which i believe is not subject to the new licensing term. I’ve read that latest Java 8 build (211/212) is already under this new licensing, although i was under impression it won’t apply to Java 8. Have no way to check if this is true or not, so we will hold off updating bundled JRE for now. And as akrherz suggested, we might stop providing installers with bundled Java.


This is the download window of the latest version (8u211) and this is the link ( https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/terms/license/javase-license.html ) of the new license.

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