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Changing the Person Search JDialog size using a plug-in

Hi everyone,

I’m using an older version of Sparks (2.6) since I just joined a team and this was what in development. I started building plug ins for customization and for some reason when you click on the Add Contact (Contacts) when the Person Search JDialog is opened one of the buttons doesn’t display it’s text because the window is too small (500,500). I’m trying to do the code change from a plug-in and the problem that I’m having is that the JDialog representing the Person Search is built inside a private function (UserSearchService.processQuery) and the application don’t provide access to it. I attempted to check for window focus from a listener I set up on the Add Contact button (SparkManager.getFocusedComponent()) but it’s returning the MainWindow as the object focused. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on where to set up a Window Listener or any other ways to attempt to grab the JDialog to change its properties. If that is possible.