Changing users jid - history of previous discussions dbaccess

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I’m getting an environment where it is with the following scenario:

Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 x64

PostgreSQL 9.1

Openfire 4.0.3

Customer does not use LDAP

Domain Name:


Current Name Server:


And what’s happening is that it came migrated from other 3 servers, always in need of new facilities.

The names of the other servers were:

Year 2011 - SRVCadilac

2014 - SRV Zeus

2015 - SVRClient

Currently - SRVMSG01

NOTE: (A T.I. is a nut that client, as amended multiple servers, with no default … lol).

Thus what happens is as follows:

In seeking a conversation in previous periods by entering only the names of users, it is only the conversations that are since the last migration forward.

In order to find the above have to type in the User field the user_name @ nomedoantigoservidor, for example:

User: John

To char the latest conversations, just type the name joao User and hit search, but it does not list john conversations the 2011, 2014, 2016.

To be able to find I need to type:


joe @ SRVCadilac


joe @ SRVZeus


joe @ SRVClient

My questions are:

1 - Considering the possible BUG, or new form of authentication Spark 2.8.0 to 4.0.3 openfire, I can leave the domain name in the spark with the server name, for not having certificate problems?

2 - How do I change all former members who for example @SRVCadilac by SRVMSG01 to regularize the conversation history through DBAccess the OpenFire plugin?


Guys, I just wanted to know how I can change the JID of users who are in the old conversations, anyone out there know how this can be done?

Type a command that can be executed by the plugin dbaccess where replace the database all JIDs who are on the bench that have @SRVCadilac or @SRVZeus or @SRVCliente by @ SRVMSG01

My knowledge is very basic in the database, is that no kind soul has knowledge of how to do this?