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Changing Wildfire Server name into my server?


is it possible to change the name “Wildfire Server” in the root from Service Discovery into a name i like? i think this is maybe a security issue.

sorry for my bad english.


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which other servers allow this? I guess that every vendor want’'s to promote its server in one way. And even if you change it to “foobar” a “hacker” will tell you that you are using Wildfire very soon because no other xmpp server has the same features as Wildfire. I did create JM-1027 to track this issue.

iq:version packets currently display: “Openfire, Version: 3.3.0 Beta 1, OS: Java 1.5.0_10” and that’'s really bad.

One could of course patch the source code to get rid of it, Apache (httpd.apache.org) allows to set “ServerTokens Prod” to return only “Apache” and not the version. Squid (www.squid-cache.org) allows to set “header_access Server deny all” to also drop this information.


Security by obscurity?