Chat directly to an agent using webchat and fastpath

We have incorporated workgroup on our external web pages with using coding as explained in the readme file for web chat.

How do I incorporate coding so that website visitors can chat directly to a agent instead of a workgroup? Website visitors can see current “status” of an agent and if available click on a link to chat with this agent.

It is like the status displayed in spark when you are “available”, “On Phone”, etc.

This is not a feature of fastpath. Fastpath can be used for an individual by making a workgroup with just one member. There is on status other than Online or Offline.

I see what you are talking about. each agent will have their own workgroup. In Spark or Sparkweb, how an agent sign up to more than 1 workgroup. It looks like right now you have to login to one workgroup at a time.

I also played with queues in a work group, create a form UI for agent and routed queues and when a user clicks on fastpath workgroup they can select which agent they wish to talk to. Unfortunately this way you cannot see if agent is online or offline.

If only workgroup works with queues for each agent within the workgroup and doing routing. How can I get a url directly each agent chat?

support (more than 1 agent)

agent 1 = direct chat

agent 2 = direct chat