Chat does not start - Spark_2_6_0_12222 - OpenFire 3.6.4

Using Spark_2_6_0_12222 on a Win 7 (32 bit or 64 bit PC) connecting to OpenFire 3.6.4, when searching for a contact that is not already in ‘your’ contact roster, the search function finds the required person however at this point it does not appear to be possible to start a chat or to view their profile.

This is problem is repeatable on more than one PC.

Should this happen when using Spark_2_6_0_12222 connecting to OpenFire 3.6.4 ?

If this is a bug, is it fixed in a later version or is it still work in progress ? (I did do a quick search for similar reports and did find anything recent applying to Spark_2_6_0_12222 or maybe I just missed it.)

Will upgrading our OpenFire installation to 3.7.0 resolve this problem and possibly other problems with Spark_2_6_0_12222 that we have not yet seen ?

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I think this is not possible to chat with a person who isn’t on your roster. So i think you should first add that person to your roster and then start a chat.

The observed behaviour is a bug in the RC2 that was resolved a couple of days agon in the nightly. Please check with a recent nightly park_2_6_0_12252.exe

Please note that this is build 253, the filename does not contain any useful information about the build number.

You can chat with a contact that is not in your roster using the way you have decribed. The chat is failing because of missing VCARD information for the user you want to chat to.

After installing the nightly build using the link you provided, the reported problem appears to be fixed, i.e. it is possible to both start a chat with someone who is not in ‘your’ roster and to view their VCARD.

Good answer, thanks.

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