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Chat History Cleared Unexpectedly

We have Openfire and several users with Spark chat clients and we have the Openfire group chat settings set to save all chat history and never clear. Over this past weekend it appears that the chat history had cleared though and we lost all of our chat history going back months. Does anybody know why this might have happened, as far as we know nobody changed any settings in Openfire, is there any reason this might have happened automatically? Can it only save so much chat history before automatically clearing? And more importantly, is that chat history saved anywhere that we can retrieve it, and if so, how? We also have logging on but not the monitoring plug-in. Did it log this information somewhere we can retrieve it?

Thanks in advance for any help.


This happened to me this weekend when we ran windows update on the server… not sure if related

Be nice to find a way to rescue the chat history in some form.