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Chat history is gone!

I got lots of complains from users about chat history disappearance. I even can’t find any options about this in Spark. I have here an Openfire 4.6.1 server running and recently started a Spark update to 2.9.4 from 2.7.1 and older. It is a critical moment, is there any solution?

Openfire 4.6.1
DB PostgreSQL 13
OS CentOS 8

Haven’t heard about similar issues. Can you provide more details? Is the history really disappearing (files gone from C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user\user@server\transcripts\ or is it just not showing in Spark, but files are still there? Maybe some files have wrong names or xml is malformed. Older Spark versions had a bug corrupting history xml files.

I deleted this folder in case to avoid some bugs after update to 2.9.4

Well, then it explains why history is gone. Because Spark only stores it locally in this folder.

There is new one, automatically created AND there are users where folder never wasn’t deleted

Exactly in my case I have only Contacts and vCards folders. (Macos)

Other user on Windows has Transcripts folder presents and contains lots of XMLs.

So I think Spark has history but doesn’t show it

There are 2 user folders on that Windows machine: One with user@old_server and user@new_server. When old server died I created new (4.5.2 on than moment) and updated Spark client to 2.9.2. So I think new Spark creates history. Latest history files dated with 29th Jan.

Spark was updated earlier so it seems there’s something with Openfire, but what? Now I trying to remember when it was updated to 4.6.1. I can’t currently just watch snapshot’s date because that specialist is sitting at home with COVID :frowning:

UPD2: I deleted Spark in Roaming folder and we tested history. Folder in Roamnig was recreated and now folder Transcriptions contains only Conversations.xml
I found machine with 2.9.2 and there ARE history files latest dated 15 FEB! And it DO appear in chat window!

So it seems I found a serious bug in 2.9.4!

I’ll test 2.9.3 soon…

UPD3: I can’t understand anything! Got another clean machine and 2.9.2 doesn’t create history XMLs. Nothing works and users annoy me with complains :sob:

I FOUND the source! Client control plugin gone crazy. I deleted plugin and history button appeared in chat windows. All shows and creates.

One question left - I installed plugin back, but it remembered last settings. How to delete its’ cache?

Check the settings of this plugin. Specifically the second one about Transcripts. It sounds like you have it in Disabled state.

Yes it was so before plugin was deleted and after it was reinstalled all settings were on places. Want install plugin as for the first time

These settings are stored in the database. You probably need to drop some table or delete a few entries. But if you want get back to defaults. All of them are Enabled by default.

I made all ON, deleted plugin, restarted server (machine), installed plugin and made settings. Now all seems to be fine. Only one question left - what caused all this? I didn’t perform any updates for Openfire (yet) or machine.

I can only guess. Maybe you had Client Control installed and some settings changed to Disabled for a while. But as you were using older Spark version, these settings didn’t do any impact. As you have installed new Spark, now it supports these settings and it has hided the history.