Chat history


I would like to know how to disable or configure personal chat history (not room history!). Currently I see all communication when I contact a person again. I would like to limit it or disable it if possible. History in rooms should be left as complete history when joining a room.



Chat history is a function of the jabber client you are using. Take a look at the settings.

okay, I am using Spark. It seems that there is no option to setup the history.

You need to ask this question in the Spark forum (

I looked at Spark’‘s preferences and it seems that this setting is not there (actually the preferences dialog misses many other settings as well). I would guess that it’‘s a planned feature, which they haven’'t gotten to implementing yet.

FWIW, here is how to do this in Pandion ( >> Tools > Settings > Privacy > Uncheck the topmost checkbox saying “Store all messages in the history archive”.