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Chat Logging

I have been searching the plugins and forums for some type of plugin that makes chat logging easier. This is for an intranet setup and all users are going to be using spark. As of right now we are just grabbing the spark log files and checking them as needed, but we want something on the server side that will keep chat logs until we clear them.

We have message audit currently enabled, but trying to filter through the .log files is a lot of work. We found changing the .log to .html helps a little by clearing most of the coding, but we would rather be able to look at something that shows just time stamps, the user chatting and anything you see in an instant message or conference chat.

Is there something already in development for this kind of plugin feature or is something out already that can do this, besides audit and spark logs? I have tried both nabu and i-ball and neither show up in the plugins section or even work with openfire.

Just a side comment to this also, when I change the format from .log to .xml and opened with IE, it makes it a lot easier to view this way as well, but still would be nice to have it condensed even more so it just shows one person talking to someone else. I’m pretty much only interested in who is saying what in instant messages and group chats.

if you only want ascii files you can try this one: http://smilingj.net/open_download/netlog.jar

(source is available via svn: http://smilingj.net/repos/netlog/)

if you want the logs in the database you can try open archive: http://maven.reucon.com/projects/public/archive/

That’s awesome, thanks for the help with those. Open archive is EXACTLY what we were looking for. I have been testing it this morning though and I can’t seem to figure out how to search by participant. I’ve tried usernames, username@domain.ext, full names, short names…it doesn’t seem to want to find anyone using participant, but if I search for key words then I see conversations. Any ideas how I would search?

(we are using ldap for user id’s and groups)

And also, do either of them have a function to log conference chats? I am not able to find any with open archive but have also not tested the smilingj plugin.

hi … for me the search works if i type user@domain.com but i’m not usind ldap.

for the chatlogs: netlog is able to log mucs … just add mucname@conference.yourserver.com to the lost of logged users.

I believe that you will find that Open Archive has issue maintaining threaded messages. You will see half of the conversation at a time. I have an open discussion for this and sent the developer some private messages.