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Chat message body is truncated or never reaches his destination


I have the following problem.

I’'m trying to send a large message (about 200 characters) from Smack 3.0.0b1 over Wildfire 3.2.2 to different IM with im plug-in version 1.0 from 15 March 2007.

For the message larger than 150 characters the message is sent without an exception, but never reaches it’'s destination for Live Messaenger, MSN messenger and yahoo messenger.

For AOL, ICQ and any content beyond the maximum (average 150 characters) body size is truncated.

It works fine with another xmpp client or with google IM.

It seems to be a gateway problem.

Can someone help me ? I’'m trying to solve that for a long time…



Hrm. I typically send longer than 150 character messages over AIM and ICQ but don’‘t have any truncation. That said, it’‘s certainly not outside the realm of possibility. So MSN drops it entirely? Hrm. I’'ll see what I Can figure out. GATE-214


I was mistaken but the maximum body size that I can send without problems is 1000 characters (for ICQ, AOL, MSN,Yahoo) and not only 200 characters.

It always works fine with another xmpp client or with google IM (no limit size).

Thanks for your help.



Wait what? That makes it sound like it’'s more of a Spark issue than an IM Gateway issue. You say you are seeing this with Spark and only Spark?


I have seen not only with spark client but with PSI, Pandion, Gajim,… and it’'s works fine.

I don’‘t think it’'s a Spark problem

Best regards


Ok, what’‘s confusing me is that you are saying that you’‘ve seen it with Psi and Pandion and Gajim "but it’'s works fine". Does this mean:

A. You’'ve seen the same behavior out of Psi, Pandion, and Gajim as you see out of Spark?

B. You only see the behavior out of Spark? The others work fine.


the truncated or losing message happen only when i send them with smack API and not with classic jabber client like Spark, gajim, pandion etc…

It works fine with all jabber client.