Chat no longer scrolling to bottom


I just finished testing build 12328 and noticed a scrolling issue in my build.

Expected result: When a new window is opened the chat frame should auto scroll to the bottom of the chat frame.

Result Previously: The chat frame would auto scroll to the bottom of the previous chat transcript, but not the new message.

Results in 12328: The chat frame does not auto scroll at all.

Is anyone else seeing the same results?

I have noticed the issue you have described “not scrolling till the last message” and a ticket was filed and one patcher has fixed this, but i think it only works with a new history file. If you have long enough old history with a contact, then it doesn’t scroll normally. Testing now with 12328 i don’t see that is is not scrolling at all. For me it scrolls, not always till the last message, but scrolls.

Ok, for me it doesn’t scroll at all too, if i open a chat window myself. Reopened SPARK-1164