Chat room attributes

Hey guys, I’m very new to XMPP and openfire so I appologize in advance if this is a very newbie question.

What I need to do with my server is to have specific (and searchable) attributes attached to each chat room. For example, I’d need to attach a date to each chat room, and have some sort of mechanism where users can search for all chat rooms between the years 1750 - 1850. Any ideas how I could do this?

Thank you!


I have no answer for you how to do this exactly, but what are you asking is not a standard xmpp thing, so you will have to change Openfire source to add such attributes to chat rooms and also modify a client of your choice to be able to search by such attribute. What about putting this attribute into chat room’s name?

I really don’t wanna fool around with openfire too much considering I’m not well versed in Java. So what about this:what if i create another table in mysql that represents chat room attributes, then use the unique key from that table to name the chat rooms. That way I can have more than one attribute, and have the attributes easily searchable through database queries.

I think this will all work, but the only thing missing is a way to programmatically create and delete rooms. How much I go about doing this? Should I use a bot? Or should I just create a client that logs on as admin?