Chat room conversation bleed

I have Openfire installed on a Windows 2008 server and am using Spark as the IM client.

I’ve created multiple chat rooms for my clients to use. My problem is that some of the rooms are duplicating the conversations. What is said is one room is copied into another as though the person were posting in the other room.

Due to the nature of the chat rooms, several of them were given names that are similar, but I don’t see why this should make a difference.

I’m planning on recreating the rooms and give them different names which aren’t so close, but I suspect that won’t solve the issue.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


What are the names of these rooms (so we can try to reproduce)? Also, what version of Openfire and Spark. I think i recall some similar issue in older Spark versions with rooms with similar names (like “Club” and “Clubx” - similar beginning).

Thanks for replying.

The Openfire is 3.9.3 and Spark is 2.6.3.

The names we’re using that are similar are RMC, SRMC, MRMC, CRMC, DRMC, PRMC, PVRMC, TRMC, and VRMC. However, only the first three are showing any bleed over so far, RMC, SRMC, and MRMC.

I’ve found the old ticket - SPARK-1130. And i was able to reproduce it again with the latest 2.7.0 build of Spark. The case is, that if you have two rooms with the same ending of the name opened, then the message coming to one of them would be replicated to another one. But. It only happens in Spark. It isn’t like message was actually sent to all the rooms by the server. It is only Spark showing them in both rooms. I have reopened a ticket and updated the description. There was a debate whether it was a Smack or Spark issue (Smack is the library Spark is using).

Thanks, wroot! I really appreciate the info. I’ll watch to see if a complete solution is found.

In the meantime, I should be able to change the names of the rooms so they won’t be so similar. Do you know how much of a similarity is necessary for the bug to associate rooms, e.g. how many of the ending letters in the names have to be the same to cause the issue? I can probably use full or close to full names for the rooms as a work around for the time being. But if it only requires 1 or 2 letters, that may require some creative thinking.

I haven’t tested that much to find out how many letters cause that. Actually i think it might be that if you have only one different letter in the beginning and then it repeats the whole name of the other opened rooms (S RMC and RMC). But you said it’s not happening with all of them, so i’m thinking maybe it is only with S and M in the beginning. Developer looking at the code responsible for updating rooms with messages might see a better picture than we guessing it If we’ll get someone to look at this.

Hi guys and gals…I appear to be having this same problem, but the rooms are not similarly named and it is not happening on all rooms. my two rooms are called RS and Stars.

In you case RS is repeating (staRS). It is hard to say what is happening exactly without knowing the code.

This issue is likely to be fixed in the latest build Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds Which has Smack library updated to the latest version. Keep in mind that Fastpath is not working currently in Spark (827 build).