Chat room message lost (Intermediate issue)

Hi there,

I am using cluster feature in my openfire server. Have 2 openfire nodes and 1 load balancer.

Some chat room message are being lost after 2 or more days(not sure about after what number of days it got delete, it is intermediate issue). I am also not able to reproduce the scenario of lost message.
I have the setting Show Entire Chat History in Group Chat History Settings section.

Below image is the settings for chat room.

The messages/data lost issue seems critical to me.

Please help me on this.

Versions of Openfire, Hazelcast?

Openfire 4.3.1
Hazelcast Plugin 2.4.0

You can try to update to 2.4.2 and test again.

Ok, let me try with hazelcast plugin 2.4.2