Chat room question. [Knowledge base seems to be unavailable]

Hello everyone,

Here’'s my question: Can I make chatrooms NOT password protected, and just limit access by making the users members of the chat?


  • Kodiak

Sure you can. In the admin console, access “Group Chat” and then to “Room Summary” to select your room. Once there,

select “Make Room Members-only”

and then add JIDs to Room Members under “User Permissions.”



I’‘ve tried that, but when the users try to type a message into the room they cannot. If I make a password for the room and they use that to access it, they can type messages. I’‘m trying to make it so that people can just enter a room and interact with it normally once they’'ve been made a member.

i know it’‘s possible… i’‘ve made such a room (and i’'m using it)

you have to make a new room… limit the access to room members only … and then add these users (still in the admin interface) … if that doesn’‘t work… perhaps you should try another client and report what’‘s it’‘s behaviour … (e.g. i’'m using psi)

which works with ths configuration

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