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Chat Room

Well, Guus is asking us to join chat on our Openfire server, but we can’t always do this and can’t follow the topics in there very easily. So, i think we need an “offline” chat room too. Some place for different topics, questions, ideas, etc.

So, i would start with my SBS feature request. LG has pointed to a place where we can post our ideas on SBS and get votes on them.

Add customization options to Latest Poll widget


Option to convert document into discussion


LG’s idea - Long usernames must not break page layout ( WEB-11)


Other good suggestions:



1st thought: Move this to communiy planning.

2nd thought: Convert it to a document named ideas.

3rd though: Delete this thread and create annother WEB-issue (and abuse there the “Ignite Forum URL” field for the URL of your idea).

I want it to stay in Lounge so anyone could jump in, not just “planners”. Also it is supposed to be a “chat” place for any topic, not just ideas. It’s just so far i came up only with ideas And there goes, another idea:

I want to watch multiple tags in one widget. Now i have 3 widgets for bug, bug_report, patch. I can come up with more. So it is cluttering my View and i don’t like this.


Another idea, suggested by community member. Marking private messages as spam. Strange that it wasn’t implemented so far: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/ideas/1443

FYI my legendary Openfire server box is finally down I mean that ~10 years old box with Celeron CPU and 256 MB of RAM, which was hosting Linux operating system and my Openfire installation for years. Now it’s offline and sits peacefully besides its predecessor even older IBM white PC with Pentium II and 64 MB RAM. Both were doing their work flawlessly in their time and actually could do this perfectly for many years on. But few weeks ago i have installed Linux guest OS (Arch Linux) on our Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V host and moved Openfire installation there. Works ok so far, though we had to use Legacy virtual Ethernet card and it only gives 100 mbit, but it is sufficient and is the same we had with that old PC “server”. Now we have less physical machines to maintain. Also, now i gave my server an outstanding amount of RAM -512!! Why not putting it on some Windows virtual machine? Well, that would involve buying another license or putting Openfire on some existing virtual machine, which already has some services running. I have read enough threads about people having mysterious problems with Openfire on Windows based OSes (especially with RAM usage) and i never had problems with my server even running on 64MB RAM box (ok, it was only 100 users then). So, i didn’t want to mess other servers and it will use much less resources that way (don’t mention Windows Server Core, it’s a PITA to administer ). Also, that way i won’t forget my linux administration skills Anyway, it’s a new step for me in my experience with Openfire. R.I.P. for my old mighty Celeron\IBM servers…