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Chat rooms and History Purged automatically

Good day Chat champions,

I am with Canadian Defense, suddenly few of my chat rooms got disappeared from the Transeverse client and also checked the web console where I found same results. Even history of the the some existing chat rooms got initialized, is this a bug or some major issue with Openfire server and Transeverse client?

I do not believe that Openfire has an option to automatically remove a room. The Monitoring Service plugin does have functionality that can be used to purge old chat logs. This needs to be explicitly enabled.

There are various reasons why rooms are removed, but all that I can think of are user-initiated. This could include users that have permission to do so for the room, or administrative users of Openfire.

You could try to search Openfire log files for occurrences of the name of deleted chat rooms. Perhaps that gives you clues to the cause of their disappearance.

Have you already tried setting property xmpp.muc.unload.empty_days to a higher value like 365 (days)?

The server will unload from memory persistent rooms that have been empty for 30 (default) days. The room will still exist in the database and users may still join. The only consequence is that it won’t appear in the discovery list.

I believe that this is no longer true in newer versions of Openfire, probably starting with 4.7.0.

MUC rooms will still be unloaded from memory, but I now expect them to show up in search results and listings.

Good day GUUruS and Grutto,

Thanks a lot for your time, but miraculously restart of the server fixed the issue, found my all missing chatrooms started showing up in my client with its all history. Still not sure what would have happened. Normally by end of the month we update our window’s patches and after updates restart is obviously needed so all good now.

Thx again.