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Chat Rooms Disappear Randomly (OF3.7)

Suddenly three quarters of my chat rooms disappear. Not visible in admin console or Spark. Server was rebooted - problem stay the same.

I saw users had similar issues with prior versions of Openfire, but no one answer.

I have OF 3.7 running on server 2003, using MS SQL database.

When I look in dbo.ofMucRoom table, I see all the chat room listed there. There are nothing in serveraudit log (except the creation of the chat rooms and assigning admins) , nothing relevant in Error or Info logs

What can be done other than clear the table and rebuild to get chat rooms back? What can be done to prevent this from happening?

Right now the server is not used by users, but when it will dissapearing chatrooms will present a huge problem.

Thanks in advance

I found possible solutions at

but after I added xmpp.muc.unload.empty_days to the server properties and restart the service, groups are still not shown.

How would I make disappeared groups to appear again?

OpenFrie Properties doc


states that:


The server will unload from memory persistent rooms that have been empty for 30 (default) days. The room will still exist in the database and users may still join. The only consequence is that it won’t appear in the discovery list. This option is valid for prior 3.6.0 versions only. As 3.6.0 has introduced multiple conference services.

So how does this property behaves in 3.70?

Tried changing group creation date in database by copying the value from another room that still shows up (http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/30535), rebooted the server, that chat room still not shown

Workaround found:

I copied a value from emptyDate field of** ofMucRoom table**. After service restart all groups showed up.

Problem appears also in OF Version 4.1.1

The Workaround is here also working