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Chat rooms disappear


I wonder whether one of you have also noticed the problem that persistent chat rooms disappear in the Admin Console. When one tries to re-create the room Wildfire (v 2.6.0) says that the room already exists.

In have not looked at the settings for a while (and not used the room) .

Is there a time-out for rooms which causes rooms that are not used to disappear or is it a known HSQL DB problem?



PS: I use Wildfire with HSQL ( \Wildfire\embedded-db\wildfire.script contains the SQL statements for the room creation, nothing deleted there )

Hi Michael,

Iā€™'m sure that there is a system property to control how long the room is cached and Gato did change it to a high value (maybe to 30 days) so this should no longer be a problem.


Hey LG,

You are correct. The issue was JM-235 where a default of 30 days is used. The system property xmpp.muc.unload.empty_days[/i] can also be configured to override the default value.


ā€“ Gato

Gato, LG,

thanks a lot for the great support.