Chat summary report issue on code

file chat-summary.jsp[1] line 313:      AgentChatSession initial = chatSession.getFirstSession();
                if (initial == null) {
                    out.println("<font color=red>");
                    if (chatSession.getState() == 0) {
                        out.println("User left the queue.");
                    else if (chatSession.getState() == 1) {
                        out.println("No agent picked up request.");
                    else {
                        out.println("Agent never joined");
I´m trying to understand in wich situations the "Agent never joined" happens. Because STATE different from 0 and 1 it´s just 2 and the STATE 2 is for "accepted requests".

In this way the report “Summary of Use” will be wrong, because “Agent never joined” will count as a accepted request.

im right ?

somebody can take a look on it ?

[1] web/chat-summary.jsp