Chat Transcript: 10/19

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay – the chat transcript from last week is attached. We mainly discussed some specific issues that some users were having.

Hope to see you all tomorrow in the chat!


houu… you have frightened me, thought i have missed something There is a typo in thread’'s title

Fixed the title.

There was a question raised about an .exe version of openldap. While I’‘m a big fan of opensource projects I still can’‘t dismiss prefectly good closed source but free programs. Microsoft has a product called ADAM which is a complete active directory that works in userspace and is a fully compliant LDAP server (even supports replication!). I’'d suggest that people look into it if they want an LDAP server on windows.


That was probably me heh.

Thanks for the tip. I’'ll go check ''er out.