Chat Transcript for 5/18

Hey everyone,

Busy chat today! Thanks to everyone for joining. Next week we’‘ll have Peter St. Andre as a special guest. I’'ll post a thread to solict questions for that chat early next week.



Good chat, lots of different topics. Matt, if you’'d like I can do a bit of research into how to create a Mac application out of Messenger. Let me know.



Hey all,

I added the request for MOTD (“message of the day”) support to the issue tracker: JM-295.

Ryan – we have the ability to make a OS X installer using the install tool we have. We could test that as a first step. I’'ll IM or email you about it…



heh, i was “ejected” too soon before the end. Have to “thank” to my ISP:( Nevermind. As about this disconnect issue i will try to get some Exodus debugs next time. And i think i wll, because we have these electricity problems constantly:)

we last message which didnt appear in chat:

After this disconnect users had to quit Exodus and launch it again to be able to connect to server. And they were able to do this if only they didnt try to Sign On before that.

Would be nice to discuss it with Exodus devs:) Any thoughts about asking Peter Millard to be a guest at jive group Chat?:slight_smile: I WILL have questions:)

was writing in Exodus bug report and figured out. We dont have any problems when just restarting server (so all sessions and else ARE terminated). But if we have short connectivity loss? Maybe server is still holding some session information that restricts Exodus to reconnect?