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Chat Transcript

Hey all,

The trascript for today’'s chat is attached. Thanks for a great discussion!


I joined the chat at 16:00 GMT and nobody was online. What time did the chat actually start

Hi huwnet,

That was actually the first thing discussed. Look like you might have gotten bit by daylight savings.


Yeah I did.

heh:) sorry i didnt joined chat this time. I cam at home near chat ending, and… well i dont have chance to play with JM for some time, so i havent any issue to discuss:) I hope maybe next week my server will be back at its place (have to turn it off and put away while workers are repairing windows, a lot of dust and too little space) and we’'ll start to connect our users to it.

Daylight savings:) yeah:) I have pushed my clock by myself, but after some time my atomic clock synchronizator started to yell there is about an hour mistake. Heh, windows have pushed clock before me:D Always forgetting windows are so smart:D

wroot – we missed you!

me 2

so i’‘ve read the transcript. About writing plugins. It could be interesting, but i’‘m not a programer (but it would be nice to have a look at this simple “SamplePlugin”:)). So i can only propose/suggest something. I dont have any interesting ideas so far. But i’'ll vote for Email Notify(of offline messages) plugin;)

I’'ve created a JIRA item, JM-236 to help track the offine email notification plugin request. If anyone want to comment on it please do so.