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Chat Window all grey!


I’ve been using the “alpha” build from spark that is available here https://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-NIGHTLY.
For a while I did stay for several weeks on the same build (that I can’t remember the build number) because there was not so much activity changes on newest alphas. A few weeks ago, I begin to have a very but very annoying bug, but just on one of my computers. When I open the chat window to talk with someone, the window gets completely grey!!!

I then went on vacations so I didn’t look for further fixes. Today I return from vacations and I’m trying to fix this. I already tried several newest spark alpha builds and the last official released but it acted the same until I completely uninstalled the app. After I uninstalled the app and then installed again with the latest oficial build, now I can see the chat window normal, with previous chat messages, but once I click on the X mark to close the window, the window chat still gets all grey and with the name of the user on the left top that I first begin chating. No matter what times I click to close the window, it won’t go away completely. It only goes away if I quit completely Spark. Also if I open a new chat with someone else or with the same user I still can chat with that user normally. Still much better than before, that no matter what I do, I couldn’t get anything else more that the grey window chat.

So you are currently using 2.8.3? You can try

You can wipe your Spark profile and start with a fresh one. Spark profile is here
If you need your history, copy this folder:
And copy it back after you start with a fresh profile.

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Yes, currently I’m back to 2.8.3
I’m going to give a try and wipe my profile. Thkx

Edit: Ok, that fixed for me. After wiping profile, just copied the transcriptions and everything worked fine.

P.S. - Is it possible to left the transcriptions on the server instead on each machine?!

Spark doesn’t support server side history, so, no.