Chat window pops up partially off-screen

Spark could use some sort of limiter to ensure that the contact list and chat windows stay fully within the bounds of the available screen area.

I run windows with my task bar at the top of the screen and many times, upon logging in, the top of the contact frame will be under the task bar, making it inconvenient to change the window location (have to unlock the task bar, which forces the contact list back within bounds; place window; re-lock taskbar).

Additionally, during the course of several conversations, the chat window will creep up the screen until the title portion of the window is off-screen. At this point, there is no known way to grab the title bar (unlocking the taskbar doesn’t work on that, unless there is a taskbar on that screen).

Your chat window should remember its position and size from when it was last closed. If it does not there is an issue with your spark preferences. The on case where this does not seem to hold true is on dual monitor displays. It only remembers position on the primary monitor. Size is maintained regardless.

Hmm. Yeah, forgot to mention that this is a dual-monitor system.

Is this one of those things I should blame some stupid Windows API decision? Or is it something that can be added to Spark to check the XY position of the window to ensure that it remains w/in bounds, regardless?