Chat with im gateway

I login MSN with IM gateway plugin,but my roster of the name always display “null”… why?

I chat to MSN user by IM Gateway, MSN user can be receive my message, but I can not get any message from MSN user…why?

Which client are you using? (Pandion 2.5 doesn’'t seem to display the correct details about contacts if you check the ‘‘allow modifications to MSN names’’ box (and shows null).

Failing that, are you sure the server can see the MSN servers (without the use of a proxy)?

I develop client by self.

I use wildfie 3.1.1 with IM gateway.

But I try spark 2.0.7, the same as me…

So I am so confusion…,is my problem or bug…?

Hrm. I’‘m not sure what to tell you. I’‘ve never seen that behavior before! Is it happening on all of your contacts? If your client sets the roster item’'s name to null/empty, it actually would carry on over to the MSN side.

I think, I have no set roster to “null”…

I show my image, you can reference to

The wildfire give me rosters data, the is null, when i got then…

I guess what I’'m trying to say is, if your client, or any client, -ever- set the name to null, it would carry over to MSN and be null from now on.

=HOWEVER= If that were the case, you would also see null when you logged into MSN itself.

I’'m… not entirely sure what to say. Are all of your contacts that are null ones with non-ascii characters in them?

I try to debug about your suggestion.But I can find any “entry.setName()” code.

And I try Spark, the result the same my program.