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Chatopus, AIM, and Gmail Add-ons

Howdy all,

I have a real quick question:

I set up an Openfire server a couple days ago and got my phone (Palm) to work with it. I installed and started the GChat and AIM transports, but am kind of stuck. Chatopus (the client I am using) asks the Jabber ID for each transport. The problem is that most documentation I’ve read relies on the client automatically picking up where the transports are, so you don’t have to input them manually… because I can’t figure out the address they would live at. Does anyone have experience with this?


If you have admin access to the server, you can see the JIDs of the transports under Gateway -> Settings. Otherwise, generally they are aim.example.org where example.org is the JID of the server you are connecting to. (and of course replace aim with the appropriate thing for other transports … gtalk is Google Talk)