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Chatroom between different domains ?!


are chatrooms between 2openfire servers on different domains possible??

discussions user/user are ok but it seems impossible to use a chatroom in common with users from the different domains.

chatrooms are available on each domain separatly.

both servers: solaris

jabber clients: psi

is it possible (so i need to search deeper!!) or not …


I need to know if this is possible as well. im having trouble setting it up

I got the server - server setup but when i open spark on domain1 and try to open the conference server on domain2 it tries for about 30 seconds and then says its unable to connect to the service.

The statistics for the server sessions is it only sends one pack and domain2 never responds…

This should easily be done via Server to Server protocoland XMPP gateway. I have my production server connecting to igniterealtime.org so I can joint eh weekly open chat. I am not sure if the gateway is really needed I use it for direct chat with ignite members when needed.

ok thanks for your answers!

i reply to myself: after a brainstroming weekend, i made a DNS entry on both DNS servers for the conference service.

ie: conference.server1.domain1 on DNS 1

conference.server2.domain2 on DNS 2

and everything is working.

hope it will be helpfull…