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Chats and ACD

Dear All,

I´m trying to understand more about Openfire and the Asterisk-IM Plugin. It´s possible to create a Automatic call Distributor (ACD) with Openfire to use it in chats?? If it´s possible, can I use it with Voip and Chats in the same time??


Rodrigo Lima

I am not sure I understand what you want to achieve.

For callcenter environments Asterisk-IM currently integrates with Asterisk’s ACD features (i.e. queues). Agents (in Asterisk called Queue Members) are paused when the set their presence to away or are marked as auto away due to being idle and when the log off. They are unpaused (and available to take calls) when they login or set their presence to available.

I´m not sure I was clear…

All this Asterisk’s ACD features are possible when using Voip. But what about Chats?? instant mensages?? The person who ask a conversation don´t choose the person on the other side. The ACD redirect a chat conversation (similar to a callcenter) to a person on a defined group.

Ah I see. Did you have a look at Openfire’s customer chat feature (http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/openfire/features/customerchat.jsp) ?