Chatting with specific agent in FastPath


I am using fastpath plugin for chatting in my application. It is working great and call goes to available agent. For new enhancement, we would like to add a feature where user should be able to chat with specific agent. All online agents will be listed on website and user will click on specific agent’s name to start talking with him.

Is there any sample code or suggestion that I can get?



Can somebody please help?

Any suggestions please. Thanks

Fastpath is not in development for many years and there are no developers here who knows its code well. I don’t think you will get any help on this matter.

Hey, I see you are reporter or [SPARK-1066] Proxy is not working - Jive Software Open Source

Could you please send me updated jar? I am not sure where to get source code from?

One of our agent has proxy set up in his company and he can not connect to external openfire server.

Please advice. Thanks.

Any suggestion please. I am using 2.6.3 Spark version.

I achieved this by making a seperatue que for every agent in fastpath, and made every agent selectable in the fastpath webchat form. Make shure to use this value to determine to wich que the chat request shoud be routed, and that any non answered request shoud overflow to any of the other que’s.

Not a practical sollution but a working one…