Check Openfire JVM memory usage programmatically?

I was just wondering, if there is an easy way to check the JVM memory usage of OpenFire as presented in the server information page, preferably something that can be used programmatically or from the command line, etc.

Is there some command line tool for that or I guess I have to use a plugin or JVM monitoring tool?

I was thinking if no easy way besides those, I might also do a screen scrape of the server info page for that information, though I’d prefer not to.


you could write a simple JMX client and attach it to the JVM to monitor it.

Or you can enable GC statistics for the JVM by adding “-XX:+PrintGCDetails” to the JVM parameters. You may want to add also “-Xloggc:/tmp/gc.log” and “-XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps” to write them to a file instead of STDOUT or STDERR and to add timing information.