CheckChainTrustedTest takes very long


when building the latest Openfire, CheckChainTrustedTest takes very long, about 4 minutes.

@Guus der Kinderen I wonder if this can be improved somehow, because it’s really long. Maybe there’s even a bottleneck in productive code?

That fixtures for those tests repeatedly generate certificate stores populated with various certificates and/or certificate chains This is why that test is taking so long.

Don’t worry, it’s not representative for production flows. In production, certificates are hardly ever generated (that only occurs on very specific administrative actions). Typically, certificates are very long-lived entities (valid for years), which get transferred during TLS negotiation.

The Openfire build script will skip this test if you set a property named “skipResourceIntensiveTests” (for example: ant test -DskipResourceIntensiveTests=true )

Ok thanks. I was just a bit worried and wondered if it’s something that can or should be improved.

No need to be worried, although an improvement is welcome. Pretty much all of the (rare) false positives from Travis are caused by this test.