Chinese characters

Hi, we’ve setup our OpenFire server and Spark IM client is working fine. Linked this server to our ldap so that no need to recreate all users. Our issue is that since most of my boss are Chinese, what they usually do is change the Spark IM client’s language into Chinese Simplified. One thing we’ve noticed that as soon as one of the Room Administrators created a room for their dept and by the time they bookmark this, it just shows boxes. 1 box is equal to 1 Chinese character. Though the room name is written in Chinese correctly, only the bookmarks shows boxes

What we did was change the regional settings of the computer: didnt work, used a Chinese version of Win 7: didnt work, changed the server’s language to Chinese: didnt work either.

Is there any solution for this?



Nothing can be done about that. There are more places that show squares instead of Chinese symbols. Unless someone finds a cause of this and provides a patch.