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Chrome freezes upon sharing the desktop

Dear Dele,

I’m using Jitsi 1.2 in Openfire 3.9.1 in Ubuntu. The Ofmeet works perfectly till any one of the participant share’s his Desktop Screen and the conference gets freezed. Upon searching here in the discussions I found a similar issue by @Adam Crane (http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/51791) and by default “enable-usermedia-screen-capture” flag in chrome was enabled and upon clicking the ‘share desktop’ button the Rayo Failure error was appering on the console with no desktop sharing. However after disabling the flag the desktop sharing started only in single mode but immediately freezes when a second particpant joins the conference.

Please do suggest me as how clear this issue as there are no error logs appering in the Openfire server nor the Chrome console is generating any errors.


Dear Dele,

I have the exactly same problem.

Screen Share makes Chrome froze when more than 2 users are in a conference session.

  • Jitsi VideoBridge 1.2
  • Openfire 3.9.1
  • Chrome ver: 33.0.1750.149m
  • No errors were found in Openfire and Chrome logs
  • Webcam Logitech HD Pro C920

Next, do i have to enable something in chrome://flags to use PDF share?

I tried to open a pdf file in a local directory (using file:///C:/Temp/abc.pdf).

However, no pdf contents were shown. PDF share icon was just rotating.

event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. pdfStart file:///C:/Temp/abc.pdf&control=true main.js:1123 emuc.pdfShare file:///C:/Temp/abc.pdf&control=false create muc.js:133 SEND: main.js:83 RECV: main.js:82 onMessage x.fn.x.init[1] muc.js:110 handlePdfShare file:///C:/Temp/abc.pdf&control=false create main.js:1152 Error: stream must have data :7443/jitsi/apps/ofmeet/pdf/src/shared/util.js:176 at error (https://xxx/ofmeet/pdf/src/shared/util.js:178:15) at assertWellFormed (https://xxx/ofmeet/pdf/src/shared/util.js:273:5) at Object.init (https://xxx/ofmeet/pdf/src/core/core.js:284:5) at Object.PDFDocument (https://xxx/ofmeet/pdf/src/core/core.js:276:12) at new LocalPdfManager (https://xxx/ofmeet/pdf/src/core/pdf_manager.js:83:21) at Object.onDone (https://xxx/ofmeet/pdf/src/core/worker.js:141:26) at Object.NetworkManager_onStateChange [as onStateChange] (https://xxx/ofmeet/pdf/src/core/network.js:201:24) :7443/jitsi/apps/ofmeet/pdf/src/shared/util.js:178 Warning: Unsupported feature “unknown” :7443/jitsi/apps/ofmeet/pdf/src/shared/util.js:161 Warning: Unsupported feature “unknown” pdf.js:242

Denying load of chrome-extension://ganlifbpkcplnldliibcbegplfmcfigp/scripts/vendor/jquery/jquer y.min.map. Resources must be listed in the web_accessible_resources manifest key in order to be loaded by pages outside the extension.

Any suggestions?


file:///C:/Temp/abc.pdf will not work unless it is a shared netwotk drive/folder visible to all participants in the conference. Use a web server instead with https://xxxxxxx/abc.pdf

If your screen freezes, it is because screen sharing is still experimental in Chrome. You can improve performance by playing with the video constraints in publish.js and main.js

if (um.indexOf('screen') >= 0) {
          window.RTC.rayo.constraints.video = {
              "mandatory": {
                    "chromeMediaSource": "screen",
                    "maxWidth": "1280",
                    "maxHeight": "1280",
                    "maxFrameRate": "30"               }

Performance tuning made no big difference.

Anyhow, thank you for your suggestions.


change frame rate from 30 to something as low as 3. It will be slow, but it should stop your chrome browser from freezing.