Cisco Spark -why/

I knew that Cisco is using Openfire, but now they also name their messenger Spark. It seems to be a little bit odd.

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I agree, this is going to create confusion. We’ve discussed this in weekly video chats that a couple of us are having each Friday. Feel free to join in!

Hi Guus,

I am developing application using openfire so that i wants to get more familiar to openfire so i want to join video chat.

How can i join weekly video chat.

This video chat is for key members of this community to discuss plans, etc. It is not meant to provide support.

I doesn’t mean to get any support. I have made many plugins and done many changes in openfire code to fulfill my requirment for those changes i had understood openfire coding nearly around 1 month now i want to get more familiar with i want to implement myself as a key member of openfire please let me how can i do that and i am always available if you need any help of mine because openfire gave me lot of code so i can definatly do somthing instead of that.

We’d be happy to welcome you as a new contributor! Most of us gather in the chat room that’s also exposed through the group chat link on top of this page (, which is where most of the planning and discussions take place. Feel free to join us there.

Good PRs (pull requests) are worth more than thousand words Check JIRA (bug tracker), take on some of the issues, provide your patches and maybe you will become a part of developers team. Actually there is no formal team or joining process as far as i know.


everyone is welcome to open group chat. As wroot pointed out, is the bug tracker. PRs are always welcomed. source is on github ; Please comment your code well,and in english. welcome to the community!

Thanks to all of you.

I will try my best to solve openfire bugs and provide my patches for the same.

Yes, there are some confusions due to this changes. Thanks a lot. I would love to join your chat, too
I have some exp with Cisco spark for developers, etc

We are igniterealtime spark :slight_smile: NOT cisco spark (cisco stole our name!). But if you are interested in xmpp and enjoy coding in java; than we welcome the help and contributions! Feel free to check out our github repo, and jira tracker