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Citrix + Spark = :(

I am entirely confused…

We have a domain running Spark 2.5.8 connecting to an OpenFire 3.5.1 server.

We are trying to publish Spark as a Citrix Published App, and there is a problem somewhere…

Here are the scenarios: (Users 1-4 have identical permissions on the domain)

User1 can login to Spark using the Citrix Web Interface, no issue

Users 2-4 can not. After logging into the Citrix server, Spark fails to launch and the user is logged off.

  • There are NO logs locally, on the Citrix Server or in the OpenFire errors.log

Users 2-4 can login to Spark locally

This is a big problem, as we’d like to have Spark installed and managed on our Citrix servers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks in advance!
broadcast.jar (20167 Bytes)



what version of citrix are you running? 64 bit? we experimenting with open fire right now but haven’t installed on our XenApp svr yet

any update with your problem? I am able to login, spark launches fine then just locks up however never stops responding

I’m running Server 2k8 64bit

Citrix Xen App 5

Tried running Spark in standard and XPSP2 compatability mode


Both the Citrix servers and Openfire server are Win2K3R2 32-bit…