Hi. There is a problem with your handling of googletalk!


Crashes with cast exception.

The actual class is PacketReader$4 = It’'s actually IQ

Getting this while trying to connect. Please fix or give a workaround.

And please remove the ant.bat from build folder. that’'s not a good practice.

[/nobr]Hi Alex,

maybe you can post the code which causes this problem, I’'ve never seen such problems. And maybe some more lines of the stack trace. Please use and /code to mark your code as code.

There is also a KB article which describes why one may get a class cast exception: Why am I getting java.lang.ClassCastException?


I am using the jar file straight (from ide).

So it should find all the stuff that your jar has.

authenticate calls bindResourceAndEstablishSession which breaks where I indicated (line 300).

I donno if it has anything to do with this, but I simply got a gmail mail account and using that to connect. (Donno if they require special things applied to account to allow logins to googletalk).

Ok, shedding more light on the problem(?).

I thought I did not have to have the smackx.jar in my path b/c it was mainly for extentions, none of which I seem to need at the moment.

When I added it (smackx) in, things started working.

SO is this a packaging error? Or is it intentional that one needs both jars to simply connect to GoogleTalk and send regular messages?

Hey Alex,

Nice catch. I’'m fixing the problem now so there is no need to use the smackx.jar file. The bug fix will be available in the next nightly build.


– Gato