Clean 2.6.2 Install on Oracle fails with upgrade error


I’'ve done a clean install of Wildfire after a server had to go for a rebuild.

Instead of using the internal database I’'m trying to use an Oracle back end.

When installing all seems to go well, I get the first admin setup screen etc. via http, it connects to the database ok (i.e. the schema imported Ok), but when I go to create / setup the admin account (last step) I get

“There was an unexpected error encountered when setting the new admin information. Please check your error logs and try to remedy the problem.”

When I look in the console the server has oopsed with

"Found old database version. Upgrading…

Database upgrade failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

Could not find UserManager"

Any ideas? Its a new install, and presumably the schema supplied with the server isnt out of date!?!?! If it is, what do I do about it, as Wildfire doesn’'t know how to upgrade it!

I’'m running on Windows Server 2003, Oracle 10g and Wildfire 2.6.2.

Any help appreciated!




did you run the database/wildfire_oracle.sql script and[/b] commit;[/i]? Unfortunately the script does not contain a commit. You may want to check whether the internal database version is 8.

select * from jiveVersion;


top stuff.

Sorry for the slow reply, been away from the server.

Would be kinda handy to have it commit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for ya help