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Cleaning up chat history

Is it possible to keep history enabled, but to not have the previous conversations show up in a new chat window/session? Many of my users are complaining that it’s too confusing, or are even re-responding or doing the task a 2nd time the next day! But they want to be able to lookup history, not to have it displayed along with the current chat session.

Yes, i have shown them how to clear it, but that is temporary and adds to the overhead.

Is it possible?



So here is the solution for me… Since I have everyone running a batch file on each reboot/startup, I figured that deleting the current.xml file would do it. And it does! So at the end of the day the user shuts their computer down… the next day on bootup their current.xml data is clear so they won’t automatically see the previous days chats… but the chats are still available through the history function. This is for Windows XP…

I didn’t even have to drink or pull my hair out for that one.

Now just to get rid of tabbed conversations… it would be perfect… almost.

erase /S /Q "%userprofile%\spark\user*current.xml"
erase /S /Q “%userprofile%\application data\spark\user*current.xml”

I think it is already in Beta, or at least in the latest code (SVN builds) - “Disable showing previous conversations in chat”. For me showing last conversations is a neat and useful feature Maybe users should be instructed about it. Anyway, newer Spark versions will have that option to disable this.

The recent chat feature is still enabled… it’s just cleared at the end of the day using this method. This way, the current days chats are previewed but the next day starts clean.

And… if true, the info about the svn would have been helpful earlier since it seems my 2nd post, the resolution, was required to get any response. This single issue had me researching pandion… even to the point of learning how to customize/compile it. But with this, I’m now looking back at Spark since it has other features that are preferred.

Thanks for the info about the svn though! I’ve been testing that out and will look for the feature.