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Cleanup old Ressources


some of our users have more than a dozend ressource entrys. Seems like they reinstalled their clients alot and got a new ressource ID everytime.

Is there some way to get rid of these old entries? I think its a reason why my offline message store is sooooo big (currently 1,2GB).



P.S.: we use ldap for userauthentication


I’ve found them in the webconsole under sessions. got a user there with 158 disconnected sessions. when i click the “close session” button, nothing happens.

Strange thing is, when i connect and disconnect with a new ressource, it appears there and disappears as soon as i disconnect.

It seems like these sessions are timeouted, still i would like to get rid of them.

after some trying around with different clients and stuff i noticed the following:

when i connect with a new client and ressource ID, i can see it under Sessions, but as soon as i disconnect the new client, it completely vanishes. Whats up with all these closed sessions i can see under the session tab? why dont they disappear?