Clear client history = Audit Logs cleared?

We currently have “Audit Message Packets” turned on to be able to audit converstations people have at our business in the case that management needs to review them. We are using Pandion for our client. However, we just noticed something that doesn’‘t seem right. If message history is cleared on the client, it also clears it from the audit log. Is this by design? If so, I would have to say that’'s poor. If not, what setting am I missing that would cause these logs not to clear when someone clears their client history?


Update: I think I was looking at things wrong. It seems right now it’‘s only keeping the last message sent in the log and nothing else. Something isn’'t logging right.

Ok, I think I figured it out. I changed the default values for these under Audit Policy:

Maximum size of all files (MB): 1000 changed to 2048

Maximum file size (MB): 10 to 16

So somewhere I passed an upper limit. What is the upper limit for these values? Obviously the ones I entered is too high.

Hey Swad,

Glad you found the reason for this behavior. Wildfire is storing those values as Integers so the max value is 2^31-1. Rest sure that you will hit a limit in your storage device before you reach the limit of Integers.


– Gato