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Clearly, I'm in over my head

Not even sure I’m on the right website, but let’s give a little background.

I’ve been trying to create an offline chat system that will take information from a program called CMud and deliver it to an email or a txt message. Someone pointed me to this website and suggested I could use Wildfire (which I realize changed to Openfire.)

After trying to install the Openfire server and some of the plugins, I have no idea what I’m doing, or how to accomplish my end goal.

I know nothing about XMPP or Openfire. I don’t know if this is even possible.

Would any kind souls be willing to point me in the right direction, or help a lost internet sheep find his way?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe it was suggested because both use xml. Openfire is a xmpp server (chat server). Using it just to resend some information to email (not sure what you mean by txt message) sounds not very reasonable to me. Yes, Openfire can be pluggable (plugins, components) and its functionality can be extended, i know that some folks are using xmpp not for chat, but for software components “talking” one to each other. But for such task it is better to use something more dedicated i think, unless you plan to have online chat also. Anyway, it won’t be as easy as to check something in the settings and will need coding skills.

Thanks for the reply.

I was afraid it was going to be something like that, where I’d have to code some sort of module between the two. Unfortuantely my coding skills are very amateurish and couldn’t do such a thing.

Appreciate your time. Have a great day.