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Client and Admin sign in fails after upgrade

Hi All,

We upgraded openfire to v3.9.3 from v3.9.2. After the upgrade we realized that the loggin to the admin console on port 9090 was not working due to invalid authentication.

We entered a password to the plainpassword field on ofuser table in the db and removed its corresponding encryptedpassword field’s value. This allowed us to login to the administrator console.

However now we notice that ALL the clients that have registered on openfire experience the same issue. After repeating what was done with the admin account now all users can sign in once again.

Is there something that we may have missed in the migration of openfire. We used an RPM upgrade where the only other change we had to do was change java in the jre folder. Apart from that everything else was the same.

Also we run openfire as a service on a linux CentOS 64bit system.

It’s seems that the encryption algorythm changed after the upgrade invalidating any login attemps.

Please help as this cannot happen with the next upgrade. Fortunaly we only have 50 test client as of now.