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Client Connections Settings

Hello when I restart openfire, users cannot connect. When I say save settings in Client Connections Settings, this problem persists.

Do you mean that AFTER you restart Openfire the users can’t connect? Because it is normal that they can’t connect during a restart. I didn’t understand the part about Client Connections settings. Can you tell what settings you enable there or provide a screenshot. Also check Openfire logs for possible clues. What client do you use?

Users do not connect if I don’t call save settings here when Openfire is restared. Connecting if I do Save

Do you mean that settings are not preserved and after a restart you have to set them again? What OS are you using and how have you installed Openfire and how do you run it?

Yes, after restart process, users do not connect without saying save as. Operating system 2008srv r2 std

What version of Openfire? Do you use it as a service or do you run it via the yellow icon, launcher? Do you use embedded database or external one?

The yellow icon is also available as a sql database. errors appear in the yellow icon

The screenshot is too small to see and it seems that it is not in English, so i won’t understand it anyway. If Openfire is already running as a service, you shouldn’t run the yellow icon, because it will create a conflict and problems with saving info to database.

thanks for the information I will test and give information